Teaching Artist Residencies in Bay Area Public Schools (2018 - 2019)

Readers Theater:

Lomita Park Elementary with 2nd and 3rd grade students

Creative Movement:

Fox Elementary with 1st graders

Meadows Elementary with 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders

Poetry in Performance:

Francisco Middle School with 6th, 7th and 8th grade ELL Classes

Teaching University of California Santa Barbara (2013 - 2015)

Introduction to Acting, THTR 5 (Instructor) UCSB

LAUNCH PAD: New Plays in Process Reading Series, THTR 146  (TA) UCSB  

Solo Performance, THTR 104E (TA) UCSB

Research into Performance, THTR 192  (TA) UCSB 

Histories of Modern Dance, Dance 36  (TA) UCSB

Student Evaluations:

“My voice was tested and conditioned through an exploration of how my body, my imagination, and my emotions assisted or inhibited full vocal expression…Understanding my own vocal strengths and weaknesses helped achieve greater control over my performance… I am proud to say that I am not afraid of performing in front of people anymore. I have gained confidence and social skills throughout the quarter.” – Alexandre Gueganic, UCSB Student

"I became much better at developing an instinctive state of mind that I could translate into my roles during performances.  In addition, the vocal exercises we performed improved my ability to harness my own feelings and emotions through sound…For years to come, I will remember this class as one that unlocked an emotional and artistic side of me that I had never discovered before.” – Andrew Nazarian, UCSB Student

“After this class, I found myself in love with theater.” - Xiao Ying (Holly) Huang, UCSB Student

“After every one of my performances I left the classroom more satisfied than I had ever felt since being a   student at UCSB. The feeling of fulfillment inspired me to change my major to theater…The introduction to acting class truly inspired me this quarter. Working on my physicality and seeing it progress was a personal achievement of mine… If I did not take this class I would still be pursuing a major I had no passion for. I am thankful for the instruction I received this quarter and the tasks I was asked to fulfill. I could not be more grateful.” - Tommy Miller, Undergraduate Theater Major UCSB

“Theatre 5 has totally changed my idea of acting and respect for actors (seeing you (Blythe) in La La La Strada was awesome and humbling), made me a better actor, and changed my life for the better. Blythe you are a great teacher and very adaptable to people of any skill level…”- Casey Kluesener, UCSB Student

“I especially appreciated Blythe’s in depth analysis and feedback of my performance.” – Hiro Sparks, UCSB Student

“I never take the time in my daily life to focus on my movement and enhance my sense of proprioception, and it helped to ease me out of my nervous, feeling-out-of-place mindset. One line of my journal just says, "freeeeeeeee" because that's exactly how the viewpoint exercise made me feel...This class reminded me of the reason any of us are here at all, to discover the infinitely many ways we can enjoy life and attempt to learn from it all.” – Gabe Tienda, UCSB Student

“I have become more and more confident in my decisions and self…Through the viewpoints exercises I began to understand my own voice…The viewpoints exercises along with my growth on stage regarding space and time have developed my place as an actor and person.” - Dani Rodriguez, UCSB Student

“My opening up to this class can definitely be attributed to the classmates who were there to support and criticize in a constructive manner and of course to our talented, progressive, and sympathetic instructor who dealt with everyone on an individual level.” – Gary Guillen, UCSB Student

“What I love about this is that the class grows as a whole with each individual being a part of something larger –like leaves of a tree.” – Simon Tian, UCSB Student

“Although I am still shy and quiet, I know that I can do a monologue and that I can get in front of an audience and do a performance. Even though I would prefer my voice to be more bold and confident, I think I will get there eventually. Blythe I wanted to say that without having you as a teacher, I probably would have dropped this class, but with your help and reassurance it was much easier to continue. I could probably write a book on my experiences in this class, since I can’t do that, I will say that every single moment in this class has helped me as a person, and I will definitely use all of the experience I gained to help me with other classes and future endeavors.” - Briana Clark, UCSB Student

“This class has opened up my mind to the possibilities of a life in theater. The breadth of information covered during this quarter is one of the driving factors in what makes this class so great. Information is broad enough to appeal to a larger group of people, yet deep enough to give students a good understanding of what they are learning. I am very grateful to have taken such a wonderful class and am sad that I won’t have the opportunity to take it again.” - Nick Kwong, UCSB Student

“What I learned was not only some acting skills but also principles of communication in life and abilities of being confident and creative.” - Nora (Siqin) Xue, UCSB Student

“Thank you for helping me grow both as an actor and as a person.” – Carlos Peña, UCSB Student